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 November 15, 2018
Reading China and the World Through Newspaper

Reading China and the World Through Newspaper

Category: Chinese Language Teaching and Learning Books

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Reading China and the World Through Newspaper

Unlike other Chinese newspaper collection books, these textbooks will introduce you the history of Chinese newspapers as well as its general content, characteristics and genres. The author interprets and analyzes important aspects, such as how to read headlines, decode meaning, and compare studies in different fields. In order to display different elements of Chinese newspapers, the author has selected articles and samples with various styles from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese communities. In Reading China Through the Newspaper, the author covers different political and economic fields and almost all aspects of modern Chinese life, including the Communist Party, police and prison reform, recent Chinese women's issues, Chinese-foreign trade wars, healthcare and childcare, social issues, educational and medial issues, China's approach tointernational news. These materials provide insight into Chinese newspaper expressions and compares the varying styles in different Chinese social-cultural environments. English translations for some vocabulary are included.

Paperback, Book1:285 Pages,Book2:282 Pages, Simplified Chinese and PinYin, 7.25''x10.2''

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